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Luminosity Welcomes You
Luminosity is  a level 20 guild in the shard Deepwood. Take a look around and if you are looking for a home in Telara we thank you for considering us. 
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All Good Things Must Come to an End

Aelisa3, Jun 13, 12 6:41 PM.
All good things must come to an end. We have decided to close Luminosity's doors.  We had an amazing run and many good friendships made. Good luck to all!!

Fire and Brimstone!

WillTex, May 27, 12 10:36 PM.
Gratz all for not only killing Ituziel, but also getting the achieves for dodging waves and getting all purges! Woot!!!! Ember Conclave, you are next!

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

WillTex, May 13, 12 11:46 PM.
Gratz to everyone on the Maklamos kill!!! Ituziel, you are next!

An End To War!!

Aelisa3, Apr 22, 12 9:49 PM.
One hour into our first full night of progression in Infernal Dawn we took down Warboss Drak!! The mini bosses went down shortly afterwards!!  Great job all!  1/9 I.D.
We are recruiting 2 exceptional warrior DPS and 1 exceptional mage. Come kill stuff with us!!!

Here We Go Again!

Aelisa3, Apr 20, 12 8:51 AM.
On our first night of raiding this week, we cleared HK in 3 hours - Grats to Lowther and Haitten for receiving relics this week. With an hour left we went into Infernal Dawn and we were able to make some great progress on Warboss Drak - we have phase 1 down, working on phase 2! We head back into Infernal Dawn on Sunday.

We are currently recruiting 2 warriors, 1 rogue, and 1 mage - Come kill stuff with us!!!
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